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Saturday, March 20, 2010

One new computer later.....Here I am again!

Things have been a little strange here lately. My daughter turned 3....I quit smoking.....My grandma passed on....AND I FINALLY got a new computer!!! 
I have been finding some amazing things on my yard sale adventures! I have an entire list of things that are SCREAMin  make ME...MAKE ME:)
Do you know the secret to working around a 3year old??? If so, pulezzee tell me.
Actually I have great hope due to a new rheumatoligist AND  a new med. There may actually be some energy filled, not so painful, days in my future. Happy dance AWAYYYYY ;)
I can only say "Thank You Jesus!" cuz my hope is truly in Him!
I have an idea on a Tute making Aprons  using some of my thrifty  refashioning  yet totally rockin ideas. HAhahohehaha  well, at least I make myself laugh:) If  that might interest you please let me know via a comment. Thanks!
Gotta go eBay is callin...

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  1. oooh...refashions are my favorite! do share! :o)


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