A verse to ponder today...

MoRe aBoUt mE ;)

4 Generations.....I'm the one on the right:)
I love JESUS! I Love my baby girl! I love my family and friends.....pretty much sums me up....but you probably want a little more right???  LOL


I accepted the Lord in the 1st grade:)
I grew up in a Christian home.
I am the "product of Divorce" and I am Divorced
I got married in '91. It lasted 5 years....
The man I married I'd known 7 days....probably explains the divorce:(
I Have 2 chronic diseases  Rheumatiod Arthiritis and Fibromyalgia
The Lord gave me my little miracle Emma Katharine Grace on  March 03, 2007.
I haven't Looked BACK!!(No Salt Pillars for me Thank You:)
My lil Emma Goose has helped me return to the creative side of LIFE and I LOVE IT!!!(yes, I know I'm shouting, glad you can't HEAR me?????)
Life is a Daily Struggle
God os BIGGER than MY struggles!
Questions??? (let me know:)