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Monday, July 11, 2011

some Weekend WoWzzee ...

As the weekend has ended, I am glad to announce:  I got SOMETHIN done!!

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Thanks Passionate Homemaking for this awesome homemade yogurt recipe!

My first ever attempt at making yogurt!
  Even better it IS  more than edible. It is YuMMmm!  NOT as THICK as the yogurt shown on .passionate homemaking but I'm quite excited that it turned out at all.  I incubated it for somewhere between 14-15 hours, btw.( It is has been in the fridge for over 24 hours at this point and does seem a little thicker:) I think I may be making this AGAIN!{{smiles}}

1st bowl with some Natures Path Pumpkin Flax-Plus Granola ummm...

Homemade Strawberry Jam

 Another FIRST for our weekend.  While I have canned pickles(watermelon) in the past I had never made jam or jelly before.  This recipe came straight from the Certo pkge.   (Saturday was a great day of  FIRSTS for me:)  It appears like the chunks of fruit have risen in the jars. Is this normal?? 
Thanks to GoodWill I have a wonderful waterbath canner for 7.99 (minus the rack/insert...LOL).  I mistakenly thought one of my cooling cake/cookie racks would fit inside:(  I ended up with inverted pot lid....Not the best, but hey, it WORKED!

We had Great hopes on Friday! I was so excited that Goose was gonna see the LAST shuttle with me as it shot through the air and out of Earth's atmosphere!  Being Central Floridians,  NASA has always been a part of our lives.  My paternal Granpa retired from there shortly before the Space Shuttle program began. In the 60's my maternal Granpa poured a lot of sweat into building part of the NASA facilities. I saw the very FIRST shuttle go up while in Middle School.(I'll stop with that:) 
I had the tv on as the time grew close, mostly because I was waiting to see if they scrubbed the launch due to weather conditions.  We watched the countdown and liftoff on TV and then RAN out the front door to search the skies.
(with blinding sunlight bouncing off of them)

Had we not been watching it all on tv we would have missed the entire event...
It was a very dissapointing moment! Fortunately, it did not set the tone for the entire weekend. God is GOOD!
How was your weekend??

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