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Thursday, July 7, 2011

I got WhUPpped!....and some other stuff:)

Just a few more days b4 our 1st HS year "officially" begins{{smiles}}. Although, with my inquisitive Goose, school has always been "IN".
 More on that subject---COMING SooN!

REcently my lil' Goose  discovered a game you MAY well remember..

Chutes and Ladders.

This is not a game we played in my childhood, at least not one I REmember. 
(DON"T you DARE say I am old!! ;)
It WAS a clooose game!

And GLOat umm CeleBRATing with "Brucee'Bruce".

We had a wonderful Independence Day. I have to admit that some of the Patriotic "Stuff" that I wanted to introduce got a "little lost" in all the cooking I did. We did dicuss how the 4th was our Country's Birthday Party.  A little hard to for my DD to digest was the fact that "we" are 235 yo. A very  BIG # for a 4yo..LOL

My 1st Flag Cake:)

I realize my decorating skills are NOT up to par, but hey it SURE tasted good{{{grin}}} I definitely need some practice!  Do any of you have traditions (patriotic or otherwise) for the 4th?  Now that I have a whole year to work on my procrastinating issues I'd love to hear about them. I really want to teach Goose the meaning of the holidays we celebrate. They really are more than just an extra day of "no work and all play".  Many of our holidays came about due to the great sacrifices our elders and ancestors chose to make. I believe they deserve to be truly honored!

I'll be joinin in some fun....check out my linkee's page to see where I am headed [[smiles]]

Have a Wonderful Blessed DAY!!


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  1. Okay, I am dense - it took me awhile to figure out why a four-year-old would be going to High School - Home School it is!!


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