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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THE recital....is over:)

The end of our dance year has come and gone.  All my anxiety over Goose's 1st recital has fallen to the wayside.  SHE DID IT!  She didn't cry or jump off the stage, or pick her nose, etc. etc. etc.   Amazing, isn't?? {{{GriN}}}

Wish we could have taken pics/video inside the auditorium but THAT was not allowed:(

These are all "after" shots. So proud of my lil Goose!!
Just yesterday, as we were driving through town, she asked me if "today was dance?"
How exactly do you explain "summer break" to a child who has no experience with it??   I guess this is actually her first "summer break"  LOL
 Although, it won't last long! We will start our 1st hs year (AOy0 or preK) in July and will be schooling year round. Fortunately Charlotte Mason did not believe in formal schooling at too young of an age. So, while we may be "in school" it will not look much like "regular" school. Which is good on so many levels. I think the CM method will be a very good fit for my Goose. I seem to be learning so much already, in my journey of preparation. {{smiles}}
Happy Blessed Wednesday!!

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