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Thursday, May 26, 2011

a Nature lovin, Chopin chasin, very TARDY post ....

I will not throw out.....



It's a little difficult to say "the dog chewed up my POST!",

Isn't it????          {{{gRinS}}}

In the not too distant past, we had another "nature jaunt" down the road a bit. (AKA East Lake Tohopekaliga).  With Backpack in tow, we set out down the path......

LUV the flowers!

Can't believe we got THAT FAR from civilization...LOL
YES, we actually parked there.  :)
Goose & Friend had a grand old time searching out new life in this vast remote wilderness trek!  FYI  IF you bring a backpack and binoculars you have "technically" gone hiking... just SO ya know! In the homeschool world, this would have counted as
1. Field Trip
2. PE
3. Earth Science
4. Geography
get her to draw a pic  and you can throw in
5. ART

I have a FEELIN I'm gonna like this homeschoolin thing! haahaheeho
As we will be starting our little school officially(sort of) in July, this is a Practice Run er Walk(?). Have I mentioned we have A NamE? 
Proverbs & Promises Academy:) Watcha Think??? Proverbs is one of my FAVE books. As i was  trying to put the name together I was listening to our local Christian radio. I believe it was a Chris Tomlin song. One of the lines was "Nothing compares to the promise I have in You". How perfect!!

I have begun to incorporate some classical music into to our daytime listening. The pictorial below captures the revulsion of the audience.

 Watch ME, WATCH me!

NO competition what SO eveaa. 
You'd think they were related(they are nOt)

The tape(as in Cassette) was titled "Chopin by the Sea".  Whenever there was a break in the music, you could hear the ocean waves rolling in. So glad I picked up these little SaLen jewels.    cuz.      the.

 CD PlaYer.



I've added quite a few new blogs to my blogroll lately. They are worth checking out!! Many of them are homeschool blogs with some really neat ideas that are pretty inspiring. I know a lot of you are probably ready for a break from all THAT, but as we are just getting started on our journey and are schoolin year round,  I am REALLY hyped up! I'd also, like to say "thanks" to all the ladies who pour out your hearts and share so much with all of us, here in blogsville!!



Check out my linkee page to see who I'll be stalkin[[[[SmiLes]]]]

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  1. Homeschooling is a lot of work but can also be great fun. I did it for a season but am unable to right now. Perhaps again, somewhere down the road. Way to go!



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