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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

manic musings :)

So much has happened in the few days I'm still trying to catch my breath! We had a wonderful celebration of my favorite April Fool!

My gramma turned 93 on April 1st!
The debt I owe her is immeasurable. She has always been a strong Christian influence to me. Her unconditional love for us is a vast treasure.  When I was young,  her ability to create things amazed me. It still does. Not only did she create things but she used her gifts to serve the Lord!  I am so thankful that my Goose has had the opportunity to know her. I can only hope to  teach Goose even a small portion of what Gramma has taught me! 

And then......

My focus turned to an even more important celebration!

To Remember.....
That though I am nothing,
He gave HIS last breath,
So that
I could become
His body,
His blood,
His torment,
 I could have
gaze upon His face.
And to
let my soul
what words
cannot express.

My lil goose, who managed to pick up 113 plastic eggs full of candy and prizes. I did have to keep reminding her to pick UP the eggs and PUT them in the basket.:) And of course, Mommy had to open up all of the 113 eggs to dump out the candy and prizes. Did I mention that there were ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN eggs???
YES, we have enough candy to last until Halloween, Thank you very much! :)
That was Saturday.
Sunday dropped in (a LITTLE early, if you ask me) and I got, excuse me, The Easter Bunny arrived , oh around 6am. :(   Fortunately, Goose didn't get UP until I woke her!  Just after the Easter Bunny, I mean Mommy  had her shower and 8 cups of coffee:)  We had just enough time for her to open up everything and ohhh and ahhhh b4 I whisked her off to the church service:) (read NOT enought time to EAT the candy:)
Then afterwards we came  home to a pleasant wait for Daddy to arrive and pick her up for a 3 day jaunt. Are getting this??? THREE days with just me and  buckets of candy. How much candy does a 3 year old need realllly????
umm...Not much...I hope!

I have managed to do a little browsing around the blogs I love to read. Check out the buttons below! Talk about inspiration!!  I have also started on "pillowcase" shirt of my very own. I'll share shortly.  (After I have it all figured out, that is:)
Hope this is the start of a WONDERFUL week for all of us
basking in the gloriousnes of His grace!!


  1. glad you had a wonderful resurection day! your apron below is so cute on!

  2. Oh Denise, as was reading your post, tears were rolling down my face as your grandma reminds me of my lola (that's how we call grandma in the Philippines).. Love how you adore yours. Thanks for dropping by my place. Now following your blog.

  3. hi denise! what a great blog you have here. love to read your posts! definitely will come again. keep sharing!

  4. wow, that's a lot of eggs ! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Emma definitely does NOT need the candy... although to catch up with her, the sugar rush might help you a little!


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