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Sunday, April 25, 2010

MY first "from the Vintage Vault" giveaway

Happy Sunday! "This is the day that the Lord hath made. Let us rejoice and BE GLAD in it(emphasis mine:)." Psalm 118:24 So glad I was able to get out of bed this morning in time for Lifegroup(aka Sunday School) and today's service! I truly do miss it when I am not feeling well.  Thank You Father for getting me there!
Yesterday,  Goose went to Grammy's House and I spent a lil' time with a good friend. Actually, she's ALMOST my twin! Life has been a little easier for me, since she moved to town:) I did manage to snap a couple of pics while she helped me with a project. So without further ado......
The pictorial begins!
A lovely lil' cardigan "gifted" 2 ME....

A summer nightgown too big to wear(Also gifted:)
My dear friend who is such a Help to me!! Isn't she just ducky??? Had to crop her pic for modesty's sake!
The finished product complete with Tag!! So really, I'm throwing 3 separate projects at ya!!  
1 My good friend Ducky,
2 my first "Pitterpat and Stickycat" clothing label
3 Skirt & flower from a nightgown
  It's a virtual pictorial SMORGASBORD(Cheshire grin).
We are just gettin started pple!! 'Member when i mentioned on Friday's post about jumping on the Blogsville Giveaway Bandwagon???(GASP...you didn't read that one???)
Well, I'll pretend I didn't notice:) Any HOW.....
To celebrate my blogging milestone(SEE Friday's Post)*small smile*  I, yes, I am giving AWAY one or two little treasures from the VINTAGE VAULT!!!
Deciding what to get rid part with was no small feat, let me assure you (sighhhh) as I love all my little finds! There's plenty of pics to browse through.....I can almost feel your excitement building. Are you ready, really, really ready????? OK , puhleeeze try to control yourselves...
  Well really, Don't you LIKE flowers??? Sorry don't know HOW  "that pic of my precious baby girl with the most darling little bouquet" slipped in.:)                      And Here we have a wonderfully vintage scarf with a label that reads "All Acetate Twill Hand Printed"  beautiful colors don't you agree? Let's keep moving class.
Now HERE we have different angles of the entire group(almost).   Almost looks like a crazy kaleidoscope there is so much color here:)     Collectively we have here: 
   set of 6 brown buttons by La Mode
 set of 5 red buttons by La Moderne
total of 6 white(2setsof samesame)buttons by Le Bouton
22in all purpose zipper in brick rust by Coats
a package of 1/4 in elastic
High Luster Satin adjustable shoulder straps by Lady Liz(think bra&slips)
package of  12 assorted Self threading needles...LUV em
sewing/knitting gauge
package(3yds) of wide Bias Tape in Mocha by Wrights
Flexi-Lace Seam biding(3yds) in caramel by Wrights
needle threader(in case you LOSE the entire pkg. of self threading needles:)
metal thimble...can NOT live without mine!!!!
rayon Seam Binding(3yds) in copen--blue-- by Trimtex
Lace panel
panel of the same material as my "Curtain Call" dress. 11/6 yd by 32 in. wide
roll of blue&white polka dot elastic 2in wide by 1yd2in long, reversible too
Bucilla Magic-Loom with inst. booklet and needle!!!  Scroll down for the final item...
    And this is the last but certainly not least of the giveaway prizes! A beautiful rendering of the Calla Lilly??? It appears to be a pillow cover as it does have a second piece of black material sewn to the back with one open end. I think it's gorgeous! Don't agree with me now, wait until you win!! Assuming of course, that YOU are the winner....
 Now that your mouths are gaping at the sheer size and depth of my VINTAGE VAULT let me give you the instructions on HOW you can be the FIRST Vintage Vault Giveaway Winner!!!!!

  • BE a Follower( I know, I know, Ya didn't see that one coming:)

  • Tell ALL your friends about ME on your blog and do the linky thing to my blog...

  • kidnap my button and deliver it to your blog. Make sure you  water it and It LIKES to be talked to, kay??
  • Tell me a story about what you would make with this Vintage Vault package using as many of the items as you wish(in the comments) 
  • leave a link below with a project of your own....LUV lookin at your ideas!
  • leave a separate comment for each action you decide to take( one or all it's up to you)

  • Each comment is worth one entry EXCEPT the fourth one. ITs VALUE will be decided by the number of items you manage to use in your story...So, if you manage to use each of the 18 items listed above you would receive 18 entries for the story  plus whatever else you did!!!!! WHOOP!! I KNOW you are chompin at the bit now:)
  • Contest runs from RIGHT NOW through Saturday May 1st(MidnightEST)


  1. putting your button up and advertising it.

  2. I really want to make some clothes for my girls...So perfect. Sewing material is very expensive! I would love to win!

  3. I have zero skills in this department so all of this should really go to someone who wouldn't be dumbfounded about what to do with it! But looks like lots of fun for you creative types. :)

    Loved your opening verse!

  4. Denise! Thanks for the follow and your wonderful comment! :) I love crazy people!

  5. Super cute - Love the flower addition! The shirt made from the nightgown is so clever! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing at the Sunday Showcase Party! I greatly appreciate it! Hope you have a great week! ~ Stephanie Lynn

  6. Very cute!! What a fun giveaway too!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

    P.S. I'm your newest follower!!


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