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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Small Treasure Tuesday Fall LUV

One of my fav things about TUESDAY is.....Small Treasure Tuesday with Chantal  at My Thoughts and Treasures

While this may only be a MINOR treasure to some, it is a HUGE treasure to ME!!! Last week we attended the first "tailgate" party of the season...WHOOOHOOOO:) (actually, the kickoff for our fall schedule at FBCSt.Cloud)  3generations of our family attended. It was a lot of fun! So, Today I'm thankful for this time of year!! CUZ I {{{LuV}}} me some football:) ,
Can't tell WE are STEELER fans can ya??? 
And I am excited about the new class I'll be taking. The book is called "The Frazzled Female". Not sure if any of us can RELATE(Grin)! It's the new Wednesday night Ladies class at church!

Finally, My Proverbs Verse of the Day:
Prov. 31:13
She selects wool and flax and works with eager hands.

While I don't exactly work with "wool and flax" I do have WORK to do. Granted it mainly consists of HOUSEWORK and Childcare (Goose), but it IS work! I'm sure you agree:)  I think God's Word is reminding me to go about my day "with eager hands". Perhaps it would help if I started looking at the impact my life has on those in my little world. Of the importance of Child Rearing and the lessons I am teaching her, throughout the day. I must confess, I am not always Eager to jump into the things that must be done. I hope this verse will come to mind the next time I start to feel that way! How about you??
Happy Tuesday


  1. Love this time of year when the football season starts.. My grandson who is 25 coaches for varity here in ourhome town. Go Lakers!!

  2. Aaahhh. Fall, football and family. These are three of my favorite things! All are now absent from my life since moving to California nine years ago. I miss the autumn air of the midwest, the chatter of my rapidly growing grandchildren and the cold of the bleacher seats beneath my "bum" during the high school football games. What memories you are building! As you can tell - they will be even more precious to you in later years.

  3. Thanks so much for linking up!

    I've been feeling a little down with cold weather coming, but your post reminded me how much fun it can be!

    I'm glad you love the fall, your adorable daughter -and family- as well as football! Those are awesome treasures.

    Although, I must admit I follow baseball more than football :-0

  4. Football season is a lot of fun!!~ Looks like a great day had by all.


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