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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday strength

A rainy Sunday.....I was feeling a lil blue because we didn't make it to church this morning, AGAIN! Of course the Liar tries to condemn me. Such a struggle sometimes with that! Then God blessed me with some wonderful posts by Its So Very Cheri and Apron Senorita. Great reminders that I am not alone in my journey. There is such a battle betweeen my mind and my body! I am always excpecting so much from myself(my physical abilities) and I never quite measure up. I know---Superwoman Syndrome;( Even after all this time with my condition(s) I still expect perfection. Which is rather silly even if I didn't have those burdens, as the only perfect person is Jesus Christ. This post is really just a THANK YOU to those of you who have been empowered to help lift me up and remind me that HIS grace is sufficient and HIS strength is made perfect through MY weakness! 2Cor. 12:9


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  1. Hi, I'm so sorry to hear your RA and Fibro are acting up, I know it makes things so difficult. I didn't make it to church yesterday either because of the Lupus and the Liar is messing with me about it too. Maybe if I had just pushed myself harder...When you're feeling like you don't measure up, think about your little Pitterpat, to her you measure up and always will, no matter how messy the house is. That is the true miracle and blessing God gave us when he gave us children. How awesome he is.


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