A verse to ponder today...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

                                         just a moment with Goose and God's creations...

She delights in finding and giving God's little treasures.  I hope she never loses that awe! As hard as we try to recapture that later in life, it's never quite the same. For now, I've been given a window to a time long ago...

a TIME when rain and mud where something to ENJOY.  When laughter sprang out Joyously and uninhibited. A time when summer days were something MORE than suffering in heat and humidity. A time when I truly was a CHILD of God. One day that window will close. I will miss it. TODAY I will savor every precious moment the Savior has blessed me with. Thank you Father, for the miracle of Emma!

This is the graphic I'm going to ATTEMPT to make a button with. What do you think??



  1. I think that will make a beautiful button!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your nice comments about my necklace. Feel free to come visit anytime. I'm your newest follower, so if you have time maybe you could follow me back.

    I'm having fun looking around your blog.


  2. Oh wow, that graphic is beautiful. Making buttons is something I have no talent for. I say yes, use that one!

  3. Hi Denise, thanks for the visit yesterday (you probably did a million like I did). I am sorry to hear about the RA and Fibro, the AI's really are stinky. I adore the graphic and hope you are able to use it. Thanks again for the visit, I am now following yours also. Take care and may God Bless you and yours.


Have fun, but, please mind your manners:)