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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trudy over at Sewing with Trudy has awarded me with the SUNSHINE Award...My 1st award!!!!  I'm just teary eyed...Thank YOU!! And isn't it a beautiful award??? It's soooo, I don't know, Sunshiney!:)  
 As most know I love THRIFTING! Last week I found a few things that I really liked! Here is a pic of ONE of them. Yes a seamingly simple old men's tie. Got about 15 of them for $.50. And I do mean $.50 for ALL of them! WHOOT:)  This is the one I HAD to save for myself.......

  And THIS is what I decided to use it for.

WHAT a REBELL I can be!!!!!
I just couldn't resist the colors that "tie shaped" piece of fabric:)  Can't count the comments(grin).

Who need's a man??? Go find your OWN ties!!!(and I am quite sure THAT you will be able to TIE it yourself....ahmm unlike SOME people:) JK men....I couldn't resist that one:)


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  1. Hi Denise! You deserve this award and congrats!!!
    I love Scarves. we wear them a lot in France.
    Thank you for your amazing and sweet comment! You are the best!
    Have a great night


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