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Sunday, May 23, 2010

And the WINNER is.......

I am a little slow(yes I am having a flareup) right now so PULEEZE forgive my lateness in posting this. First of all I just want to say Thank You to ALL of the participants of "From the Vintage Vault" giveaway  in conjunction with the SMS giveaway day! Wheeew THAT is  a mouthful! I am so glad to make some new friends and get to know my newest followers! YoU are what  makes blogging fun!!!
And NOW I am happy to announce that the WINNER from my second  "From the Vintage Vault" giveaway IS:
YeHaaw Yipppeeee WHOOOT whoot!!
Congratualations to My newest winner and a great big Thanks to my lil Goose who decides these matters:) I will be contacting this super cool Floridian soon! You can go visit her FRESH blog and congratulate her for this breathtaking win!!!

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. Yeah for Goose and yeah for me!!! Thanks so much for hosting and give her a warm and sunshine-y hug from us here in Florida! :)


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