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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I think I may be the Commander In Cheif  for RAGS 'R US. We use rags instead of paper products.Although I do have to admit WE have Used 2 rolls of paper towels since the Super Bowl...and YES we ARE a part of the Steeler Nation, thanks for asking!!(puffing up with pride, CaN  You Say SIX???:) While I AM liking the part about saving trees, what really  makes me happy is that I don't have to spend what little money I do have on something I most definitely am throwing away! My old rag bag ripped ages ago and FINALLY I have broke down and made a new one!

Do you SEE grommets?? Why YES those ARE grommets!! I  actually used grommets for the very first time!! I was so excited:) I made the bag from on old sheet I picked up at  (gasp)  Thrifting....WHOOHOOO!!!  The cord was a "gifting" from a family friend SO all together This cost me about $1.00 to make! YEAAAAA!!! This took maybe 10 minutes of sewing, 5 min to do the grommets, and maybe 5 to insert the cord! A twenty minute BAG! I pulled the top and bottom of the sheet together(like I was going to fold it and put it away) and then  cut so the top of the bag already had the casing ready to go before I ever sat down to sewing machine!  All I had to sew was the sides and bottom of the bag and I'm done and on to the next step!!!
I have a couple of other projects I'm working on so I'll have more to share soon!
Happy Wednesday!



  1. were the grommets hard to use? i'm afraid to try anything with them but i sooo want to make some curtains with them!

  2. That is so cute! And congrats and not using paper towels very much. I think it would be a good idea for me to start using rags more. If I was any good at sewing then I'd try to make that as motivation for using rags.

    Great job!


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