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Monday, May 17, 2010

Slip'n AwaYY!

So Saturday night at ohhhh about 11 pm I decided I had NO top to go with my skirt for church! AND since I REALLY fell in love with the Grosgrain giveaway  I had to come up with my own version. CAN I just say 11 pm is not exactly the time to be making such MOmenTous decisions....I just couldna' stop until I was finished:) I'm sure YOU have never done that!!

Yes, I know I photograph SO well:(
Can you tell what it USED to be???This little number STARTED it's life as one of  GGMO's Slips!


The underbody of this piece came from a wonderful bed underskirt. You can't really tell in the pics but it is a lovelyeyelet. I picked that up thrifting last year with the intention of makeing GOOSE some "ruffle pants" and a halter. STILL on my list of things to do! But hey, I finally made something for myself!!LOL at least that I can actually wear. I loved how the romance novel blouse in the Grosgrain Giveaway had what she called Knot Smocking(Smocking Knots??). Since I don't really know what that means I just hand sewed some knots into the front of this piece and added a few beads at the bottom, too. I was trying to balance the white out a little more. And then I added the ribbons(aka Seam binding) and some buttons and beads up top. The great thing about this top is that with the addition of the flutter sleeves(slip hemline) I can and did wear this to church.  I'm not really into the No sleeves thing at church. It feels so ALTERED COUTURE!  NO I DID not MAKe up that word!! GOOGLE it ppl:)  Anyway, I still want to WIN that Giveaway, but, at least I now have my own consolation prize, RIGHT??

Happy Monday!



  1. Very nice! And, very creative; It looks lovely :-)

  2. Love it! Super Cute :-) I adore handmade items. They're so original. I love homemade altogether!


  3. Nice work. I'm not terrible crafty in the sewing department, although I do enjoy sewing. Thanks for following me! :)

  4. Great job! Your shirt turned out beautiful. Thanks for linking up to my challenge.


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