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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Giveways and contests GALORE!

I am ALMOST obsessed with giveaways! JK  wellll, not REALLY! grin...Who can resist something FREE????? I have seen some great giveaways lately(plus I WANT MORE entries:) Sooooo, here's a few that have caught my eye!
French Obsession linking party/giveaway from Chateus des fleurs by Frenchy! I luv LUV her blog. She is So sweet:)
300th Post Giveway by Sarah @ Sarahs Blog of Fun. I just stumbled upon her here in blogsville and She has a TON of giveaways list on her blog!!
Runner from Ravenshead giveaway by Lynette @ Walking Barefoot on Weathered Ground. She's got a great post about this movie!
Click on the links above to head out and  check in on the giveaways. Have fun...Wish ME Luck;) HAHAHEHEHOHEHA
God Bles the United State of America......LAND OF THE FREE and HOME OF THE BRAVE!!!

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