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Friday, July 2, 2010


Someone HERE started taking Dance class!  IF you guessed ME, you'd be WRONG!!  There is no instructer Brave Enough to put ME in a class......GRIN!  However, my love for music and movement(ie. WORSHIP, cause only God sees beyooond the fact that I CAN"T DANCE) has  been passed on to the NEXT generation:)  Hopefully, she didn't get my actual  dance (IN) capabilities! 

"practicin B4 the first lesson"
Ready to head to class(left)

Tryin on the "SPECIAL" shoes with Uncle Bubba:)  Yes, Bubba had to come watch, too!
Please don't ask me where the pics are from the ACTUAL CLASS!!!!!  I spent the first 15 minutes of it trying to remove the GLUE    ummm GOOSE from my leg :0 and the last half hour praying that SHE wouldn't try to find me, after I snuck out of the room!
HOWEVER, She fell in love with the trampoline( and the ribbon streamers, she got to twirl)! It was the big dealmaker for my lil' Goose. She has spent the time since class showing us all how to "gallop". This is apparently a dancing technique???? or MAYBE that is how they burn off enough energy that the children pay attention...CLUEless....That's ME!!

I pray that Everyone has traveling mercies for this holiday weekend and that we spend some time remembering that FREEDOM isn't Free, but IT is a priceless gift worth preserving! Hope you all have a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!!



  1. How sweet! I remember when LittleGirl took dance. We lasted one season. At the recital, she did her pirouette and then gave me the 'thumbs up' sign. LOL! Thanks for sharing. Happy 4th! :o)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now following back :)


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