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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas 'cycles and some postal luvs....Really!

Happy Wednesday Blogsville:)
 Did you know that Christmas is just around the corner? That's what I'm gettin from my local intel, anyway! Good thing I work well with deadlines LOL! What is it about them that gets the creative goodness going? Does anyone know?
 Now, for something a little more relevant to the Title:)
 I have received some lovely surprises in the mail recently! Ok, so One of them was UPS, ya caught me....


I can only say " I {{{{HEART}}}} SewMamaSew!
 This came yesterday---Sew exciting:)

I won one of their giveaways from their Handmade Holidays last month....WHooHooO....
That is the second thing I've won from them in the last few months
You may remember  this post in September:)

And THIS came too(NOT on the same day, That would have proven TOO much for my system)
YES CHANTEL Your package is here! I will not berate the postal system AS it has actually found its way back to me....but....Well...(insert imagination, puhleez:)

I'll be sending it back to you in the next few days:) I must say I love surprises in the mail---The MAIL really is a treasure.  I hope we don't lose it, like so many other things.

AND now,
To the 'cycles

  I actually upcycled the back of this vest, cutting it off just below the armholes.  Added some scrap pieces......

Now, it's THIS...
One Infinity Scarf
Check !
My list is GeTtin smaller{{{grin}}}

I forgot to take a b4 pic of this one.....It was a drapery sheer...
Needless to say I did NOT use the whole piece. Such wonderful Gigantic fabric panels:)
Gifted, just like the first piece....WhoOhoo!
And, before you rush to tell me--I DO know there are some strings hanging. I just couldn't wait to share!

Elastic is MY friend hoooYaah! The brooch in the first pic of this scarf was my Grammas. You can really play around with dif. peices on a scarf like this. 
OH, You'd like to see whats underneath???

 great hoodie from thriftin:)

One more shot of this scarf ....

It's hard to tell in the pic but all the little specs of yellow in the flower is actually gold glitter. Too Big, too much, do ya think? The color actually accents much better than this shot shows, but I'm split on whether or not it's Over the Top.
 OPINIONS puhleeeze! It's prob. gift #2 on my slightly loooong list of "todo"!

I can NOT say that these ideas were all my own.....They came from the hundreds of yummy crafty creative blogs and their owners...Feel free to claim them(the IDEAS, not my scarves:)

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Have a blessed day:)


  1. The scarves are gorgeous - you did a great job with them - love the colors of the 'vest' infinity scarf.

  2. i love those scarves!!! they look fantastic!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  3. I'm so happy to meet you too, Denise. Thanks for stopping by Gracious Hospitality. You are welcome back any time!

    I'm headed back to your main page to become a "follower" of your blog too!

    Happy and Merry Christmas!

  4. Those scarves are lovely!

    Merry Christmas! and good luck meeting the deadline! I know I need it ;-)

  5. Oh no, the purple glittered flower is not over the top! It's just perfect! Both your scarves are beautiful!!!!


  6. Oh, and thanks so much for linking up to Small Treasure Tuesdays!


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