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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa's Goose...er....CHICKEN!

 A beautiful, dreary, drizzling Saturday, in the NOT so sunny Sunshine State! 
Last night we talked and talked about what a GREAT excursion we had planned for today. Grammy, Mommy & Goose had PLANS  on this wonderful last Saturday before Christmas.

So what happens???

We get RAIN, that's what!!! NO playing in the snow(fake:), NO Bouncehouse, NO arts and crafts......


We DID have Breakfast with Santa!! And, a Photo Shoot(as in 1 photo--HA) And it went WELL...ahhh... NOT so WELL! She is still  scared of Santa:(

  We have been doing a little decorating, during the last few days.  I AM aware that Christmas is only a week away....Thank You:)   I found this little treasure out 'Salen,  recently.  

Beautiful isn't it?  I got this little {{{grin}}} baby for $1. Yep, ONE DOLLAR!!! Can U Believe it?? 

 it looks like this......

She has my musicial abilities:) HA

 SO what do ya think? Everything on the table AND the chair "covers" was thrifted/ gifted/UpLifted:) from various sources!  The little "dessert bowl" candleholders were my gramma's. The candles were a gift from LAST Christmas. The dessert tray/plate centerpiece, the pinecones, and the crochet doily were all thrifted. All the "linens" were gifted(except for the gold material I inserted in the frame--thrifted), as was the gold ribbon and the greenery. 

That WAS fun!!  

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 Have a HAPPY  BLESSED day:)

The extra special photo is here! It did not in anyway, shape, or form cooperate with me! (And NEITHER did she:)


  1. Thanks for stopping by the Elephant's Trunk! I'm a new follower of your cute blog.

  2. Hi Denise,
    So happy to have you over at ThisMommyLoves. I'm loving what you did with that table!!!

  3. Cool cool cool! Nothing like making it your own. Happy Holidays to you and your cutie family!

  4. HAHAHA My 2 youngest are scared of Santa too. But it is because they are naughty ! LOL
    Great find ! Love it on the table ! You really find great finds !
    I know, we had snow and could not get out here too !
    Oh well, another day :)
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones !

  5. Aw, she is a cutie!

    what a great find! and it looks great on the table :-)


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