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Thursday, April 7, 2011

homeschool? Really?? I'm in SHocK....

Nary a moment has passed without the guilt ...  
 a BLOGGY misstep...
(or mistake, or Crime, take Ur pick:)  
 Hang me up by my toes!
 I have abstained from blogging for OHHHHH 
 2   yes  TWO  months.

Since that time much has happened. I'll be sharing TONS in the coming days, maybe I should say "in the near future" and NOT limit myself...LOL!  
 I could use some (WELL a LOT) advice puhlezzze! I would love to hear from the Blogsville trenches on how YOU budget your "bloggy" time with all the other demands of this life. In particularly, if you {A} Are a Single Parent and/or {B} live with chronic illness(s)!


An even bigger ISSUE!!!
The GOOSE is 4. Pre K time here in the Sunshine State!  That is, this next school year, she will be able to start at a "real" school. Which would be an incredible gift of TIME to me:) HOWeVeR, It's not about ME.

Do you homeschool,  especially if you {A} Are a Single Parent and/or {B} live with chronic illness(s)???    The epic battle of Choosing the proper method, time, and place of my dd's education has been time consuming, to say the least.  Quite frankly, I'm a little scared...OK a LOT:{  There are so many "issues" to consider.  
Can I DO this????  Well NO, but I KNOW THE ONE WHO CAN.
(prayer ROCKS)
 There are a 100 ??'s in my mind, however, the verses linked below have been a great help.

Some really great homeschool blogs/sites are out there, as well. My situation is a lil' different, but they are definitely a good starting point!
Here are a few I like
Seeds Family Worship   Great scripture freebies

Homepreschool and beyond   Very purposeful presentation of ideas and insights!

Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling  This one really touched me:)

  I would LUV LUV Luv to hear any advice on planning strategies, time stewardship, and curriculum choices. 
Where are the best Free/Almost Free resources?
Do you prefer any ONe methodology, or are you more eclectic?
HOw do you balance online learning with "real" experiences?

Does anyone use a year round curriculum? How is it different(learning-wise)?
and of course,
How do YOU keep your sanity???

Todays reading Prov. chapter 7
verse 7:1
"My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you."

Fitting don't you think? :-)

Happy Thursday


  1. hey Bloggy friend! Good to see you back. Hope you are feeling well today. I would suggest looking into Florida's K12 Virtual School for the first year of homeschooling. It's a public school (i.e. free) online. Here's a link...http://www.k12.com/flvp/

    We use the k12 program in SC and love it. We can add to the curriculum, but still feel a part of a group with field trips, etc. I also like that my kids go to school online and interact with other kids virtually daily. It took a lot of pressure off of me to come up with the curriculum, as well as sending reports as the state mandates. Having a virtual homeroom teacher helps too when my kids have problems with certain subjects. Since my husband is retired due to chronic illness, our schedule can be crazy. K12 has given us the flexibility we needed in a homeschool atmosphere. Just a suggestion for what is working for us. Since it's free, my kids receive all their schoolbooks, workbooks, and even science and art supplies from the state. They're mailed mid-summer. We'll finish our core classes in about a month, and finish the last 3 weeks of school with many field trips and personal enrichment courses. Happy Thursday! :o)

  2. Hi Denice, I'm so glad to hear from you again. :o) Thanks so much for dropping by. Wow..homeschooling. Well, that depends on whether you can be at home or not. If you can, and you are disciplined..or decide to become so, you can do a great job. The hardest part about homeschooling is being faithful. There is curriculum every where. I've homeschooled five and we have spent VERY little. I always hunted for something that required more study on my part to implement i.e. lesson planning, but was cheaper in terms of books. I bought many books used.

    I've been at 23yrs. and am on number five. I'll be finished with my 'career' in two years and can hardly believe it! I wish I could call you as I could talk to you for hours about both the homeschooling issue and the blogging issue.

    I'll soon be posting only once weekly. It's an issue of priorities..and child number five is needing more one on one attention. Some tenth graders do..some don't. He does.

    If you want to email me your phone number I'll call. Or you can email me(the address is on my profile.) and I'll send you mine.

    Your previous commenter has great ideas too! Do check out my homeschool checklist on my publications and documents gadget on my side bar if you have time. I have a list of things you need to do to get started.

    I've taught workshops on home education for years.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  3. I have no idea !!! But i wish you good luck. I have a lot of friends Homeschooling. 4 Already ! Time goes by ! Glad you are back :)


Have fun, but, please mind your manners:)