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Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Fragmentary……



This post is Snippy! It contains bits & pieces of many things, including FRAGMENTS of my imagination. They are listed in NO particular order, having NO rhyme or reason ….



There, I said it! 

I suppose I could have said that this post will have BROAD appeal. However, that might have been just a little too tame{{{grin}}}

The first little TidBit(and the most EXCITING, in my humble opinion:)

Becky over at Wheelchair Décor gave me a great SHOUT OUT! I love her outlook on life. If you would like to check it out you can visit her inspiring blog(and my feature) HERE!  You can read my original post HERE.

AND the next little morsel…

I tackled another Whimsy Couture PATTERN   from her Etsy shop. 

Rest EASY, this was an E-file pattern/tutorial. There was no actual Tackling involved with the pattern OR the Post Man!  Variations are included, which is important to any pattern, in my opinion! I really like having options which enable me to make it “my own”!  Her blog is great and She has a '>linkup PARTAAAY going on   and a Challenge happening! (click the pic for more details on the challenge)


The following pics are absolutely worthless!  They were taken with my $6.00 Web Cam. I am not impressed with this little baby.

NOT    AT    ALL!!

Photo007 Photo008 Photo016   Photo001 Photo002These last two pics are of the matching caplet I made her. I found the tutorial at Prudent Baby!  Prudent Baby is a great place to spend some time. And I do mean SOME time!  There is quite a variety of subjects and tutorials! Smile


The dress Top front&back was from a thrifted top. There is also a border at the bottom of the dress with this material. AS I am SURE you realize—The bottom of the dress is NOT in any of the photos! This is what happens when you add a fidgety 3year old & CHEAP webcam. {{GRINING widely}}

The bottom(and sleeves) of the dress were from a thrifted panel. It’s FLORAL, although you can’t Tell that, I’m sure! The apron & caplet are from the material I WON from SewMamaSew:)! I wrote about winning it <<HERE>>.  The caplet is actually reversible. All three materials were used in it.

The child model is MINE. PuhLEEZZE, DO NOT report me to the Labor Board! She has all her shots up to date. She is housed, clothed, cleaned, and FED by ME! A few pics are a decent trade off…. LOL


These opinions are MINE. I did not receive any form of payment/compensation for making them. This blog is authored by me. It contains my opinions, my thoughts, my life. If you don’t agree with me that is your right. (of course, you will then be WRONG, but hey….)

and the Last Fragment Standing…..

I would love to hear any tips/tricks/time management skills that YOU, the people of Blogsville, subscribe to in keeping YOUR blogs current & growing. Especially, if you are a Single Mom, or Chronically Ill or Disabled. How do you prioritize?  Are there tools that you use to make it easier? Is there a certain time of day you blog? Do you blog everyday? Do you leave the laundry in the dryer, in the basket, or on the floor??  Do you still remember your children’s names? I’d love to know!!

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Hope you enjoy this “Keep YOU on your TOES” post! I’m sure it was richly rewarding! {{insert Cheshire Grin}}

Have a Happy Blessed Weekend!!


  1. thanks for visiting I am following you back love that little dress it is adorable

  2. I love this! It turned out cute=0) And I promise not to report you;0)

    Have a great weekend,

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  4. What a cute little outfit! Love the little caplet!

  5. Your blog is always so fun and brings much *joy* to me! Keep up the great work! :)
    Blessings to you, dear Denise!!!
    Cindy :)
    *She Sparkles*

    P.S. Your daughter is so precious!

  6. Love the dress!

    I do hope you enjoyed your holidays! Thank you so much for the patterns :-D and for the extra ones you included. You're so sweet.

  7. The dress is amazing..I'm so wishing I had talent like that! I love your writing too :)

    xoxo- rachel wright @


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