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Monday, July 26, 2010

hair RAISER and sum linkee LuV:)


Did the title Grab ya attention ladies??  If it didn't I must be losin sumpin:)  Today's post is about a quick easy gift idea!  Designed to help keep you, your lil' ones, and/or their BFF's, and the occasional stray niece (I have a NINE of them:) COOL & retro StyleN during the SWEAT fest summer months.  Without Further Ado:

Simply SWEET in my opinion. Quick and ready to GOOOooo! I'm grouping them in sets of 3 for a cute little gift, but you could make as many as you'd like. A simple triangle out of a Vin. sheet or other refashioning "material" and some bias tape and your DONE! ohhhhahhhhLOL
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And my Questions:

1. What one food could you eat every single day?

2. Do you wear glasses or contacts?

3. What kind of cell phone do you have?

4. What did you have for dinner last night?

5. What is your favorite candy?

My answers
1. I would have to pick Biscuits & Gravy...NOT that I make it very often , but I SURE could eat it every day:)
2 Right now I have glasses, but I have worn contacts in the past
4 Home made Turkey Pot Pie
5 CHOCOLATE....ANY chocolate...add caramel ummmmm!!!
           There you have it Ladies from my linkeee luvn HEART(sounds like a song doesn't it??)

Happy Monday 


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  2. the hair bandanas (I hope thats what they are called) are really cute!!

  3. Cute Denise...very nice creative gift to share with us:) And yes the title caught my eye!

  4. Love those! I may just have to try and make one, and give some to my nieces.

    Your title caught my eye as well :-)

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