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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sew WHAT???? 0

I have FAILED, yet again, to reach my destination(AKA accomplish my goals, finish my TO DO list, you get the picture....)!  I had BIG plans yesterday. I did----I REALLY did!!  I did get a lot accomplished yesterday( well for ME anyways)  But when it came down to the one thing I wanted to do MOST of all......it didn't happen:(   sigh....lifting handkercheif to wipe away single tear....
Last night was for sewing.  I Planned for it . I looked through my patterns.  I went through my "stash"  It was something Quick& Easy. It was gonna be GREAT!


This is a plus size skirt that was part of a gifting. The elastic waistband was ShoT. Can't eBay it. Rayon Fabric. Gr8 summer print = Material 4 ME =  Dresses for ME & GOOSE . Whooohoo

I cut up the skirt  and measured out for the top of my dress. The material for the top is the same Turquise material I used in my last dress.  I  cut  out the top and played the PIN YOURSELF game......
 I even DID a little sewing work on it.
I am aiming for an empire style halter dress for me. Not absolutely sure about the one for Goose, though. Depending on my energy level it could be a pillowcase dress.....or something with a pinafore


That is were it ENDED! Sad DaFeet....
Not that I've quit the dress, you understand? But that is were my brain & my Body QUIT on ME!
I keep looking at this "project" just laying around on my dining table. Maybe after church tomorrow.....
( we will pretend for now that I won't be exhausted after the service.....PLS don't tell on me:)

 I hope that YOU had better "luck" when it came to YOUR Fri. night plans!   

 Praying you have a Restful & Rejuvenating  Sunday,


  1. The fact that you can even sew is impressive enough for me:) You will do a great job! Thanks for stopping over. Debbie

  2. ha ha...I know the feeling. I was supposed to sew three dresses for an order yesterday and nope!!! nada :( feeling your pain

  3. I'm with Debbie, I think it's great that you can sew! I wish I was as good at it as you.

    I know how it feels to not done stuff done right away, but you can still get it done! I know it can be hard, but try not to get discouraged :-)


Have fun, but, please mind your manners:)