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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Gardening Spirit

I have had a week to forget, ALMOST! I have made several trips to Kissimmee and two trips to Orlando so far......
This from a girl who can go without leaving the house for DAYS!! All of them were "must do" trips, for myself or a family member. I drove my Mom to the eye doctors today. It's always nice to have time with her. However, even trips of this nature( less than an hour away) take ALOT out of me,  physically and mentally. That being said, ON Tuesday , I got a little thrifting in ALL BY MYSELF!!! Whoooohooo!!!!!  AND I found the sweetest little frame for under a buck. YEA:)

my " front porch" HAhaheeeheE:)

I just luv it! ( And I know that the caption is SOO true)  It makes me want to get outside and DO SOMETHING! I have really not done much outside this year.  It is a little depressing, and .....OK I CONFESS....I have been a little JEALOUS of all this wonderful gardening and sprucing up and OUTSIDE living area space you Ladies in Blogsville have been showing off, emm SHARING with me. Maybe,  I will be able to add it back into my life soon.  I really like my new Rheumy. He seems to think he can help me.  I am guardedly hopeful!

I also, finally made up my "summer" wreath on the front door.( Really it was PRACTICE Session for the almost here FALL season:)  It needs something MORE, but I haven't got there yet! This is a pic of  what's been done so far!

AS you can see The TOP still needs a little work. Hopefully it will get THERE B4 it's time to change it out for fall...LOL
This was all "stash" stuff.  I am not buying something new for it!  And I never go nuts with the wreath and glue everything in.  Although, there would be a lot more possibilities,  it makes it easier to change out come the next season/holiday! Feel free to OFFER SOME IDEAS on how to FIX it! :)


  1. Hi Denise...I love your wreath...I am making one myself very soon. Thanks for stopping over. Debbie

  2. Cute frame! Also, I love the wreath. It looks awesome! I've thought of making one myself, but I know it wouldn't look as good.


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