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Friday, July 23, 2010

Evolution of THE wreath & Friday's link up LUV :)

FRIDAY is here...WhoohooO!!! What that means in my world is NOT exactly clear.....
with the exceptions of NO PBS cartoons, yard sale days, and THE DAY of the LORD, it is pretty much the same as the rest of my days!       AND,  of course, another fun round of  FRIDAY LINKY PARTIES!!!   
 Today is   
Friday Night Sew IN                                 Feature Friday

Sew and Tell Friday #36                           Garage Salen Party

New Friend Friday

These are some of my FAV Blogs and probably yours TOO!  If  Not they should be!! :)  I have GREAT plans to accomplish today........Sew Blog Sew Blog Sew......Am I FOCUSED or WHAT????? (snort)   LET"S just pretend!



You can find the "Before" pics on my last post

and some more pictures of the "porch" ( with a BIG FAT HAHA)

I love this little garden center, which is a Music box in disguise! Yard Salen piece.....Thank You!!

  LUV my FROG!!!! we had one just like this when I was growing up ......YARD SALEN find and in EXCELLENT condition. Now if I would just get some dirt in this fine planter:)
The little blue chimney has dragonflies on it......FREE from a friend!

NOW for The BeStesT Pic YET!!!!

Goose stayed the night with my dearest friend a few nights ago. Cell showed her how to do ONE STITCH . The REST was done by MY GOOSE!!!! Can you believe it???? She's not even 3 and 1/2 YET!!!!!

Well, girlies, Hope you all have lots of FUN this weekend. I'll be dodging Bonnies rain bullets down here in Central Florida:)  Which is really a GREAT excuse TO Sew, Blog, Sew, Blog, Sew.........

Happy Friday!


  1. Your wreath is beautiful! Cute frog too :-)

    Also, you have such a smart little girl!

  2. That is amazing for a 3 1/2 year old! Have fun sewing tonight. I am just waiting for my kids to go to bed so I can get started!

  3. You have totally inspired me to make a wreath today! I just commented to someone else that I was hitting hobby lobby to think of a project to do...well I just found it:) Love your frog and outdoor goodies too...thanks for joining my party...always a pleasure to have you. Debbie

  4. Thanks Denise for linking to my blog! Very sweet. Your daughter is off to a great start in the stitching department! Got to start them off at a young age ;-)

  5. Cute stuff you found! It looks like you have a future cross stitcher on your hands there:)


Have fun, but, please mind your manners:)