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Monday, August 2, 2010

a little Beauty and a Banquet

Happy Monday to YOU! I hope ya'll had an amazing weekend full of rest, relaxation, and recreation:) Not necessarily in that order.  Mine was quite the opposite. Saturday was hectic and highly emotional as we remembered my friend who is with the Lord now. Her hubbie found her in the bottom of the pool Tues. night. She leaves behind 3 small children & many family members. Her birthday would have been next week.  I would love for ya'll to add the Parham family to your prayers. They will be needed during the coming days and weeks!
 And now for my pretties (The BEAUTY part of this post:)

I have to say that while I am not a BIG fan of fake I do love these arrangements...FREE from a friend. The mini teapots have all been gifted as well. The mini teacups and saucers were thrifting finds. AND  my favorite is the Pen & Ink drawing.  It was done some YEARS ago by me. My momma has had it for years and when I found the frame  I knew that was the right piece for it!  Since it is high atop the hutch you can't SEE the  water stain in the bottom corner YEAAAA!
And then I have the BANQUET portion to show off:)

Poor babies...They have lived through sum rough Goosey times!
Notice the babies "booster seats" LOL!

A FEAST fit for KINGS!!  LUV the variety we have here:)

My "Meet me on Monday" questions are:
 1. What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas

2. What color clothing do you wear the most?  I LUV  warm earthy shades and bold colors like black or red:)

3. What is your heritage? I am a TRUE American with English, Swedish, Cherokee, Irish, Scotch and German blood flowing through my veins....LOL (yes Heinz 57)

4. What is your middle name? My middle name is Michelle.....Remember the Beatles song??? YEP that's were it came from!

5. What is your favorite cookie?  My fav. store bought brand has to be Oreo's. My fav. homeade cookie is snickerdoodles

  Well that's me "Show&Tell" for today.......Hope you enjoyed the visit!  I'm linkin up below!
God's Blessings & a Happy WEEK ya'll

The Girl Creative

 OK So I'm still trying to figure it all out with the positiong here!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, Denise. Your friends (and you) are in my prayers. Goose certainly knows how to throw a feast. :o) Happy Monday! :o)

  2. I enjoyed my little tour of goodies...I am like you regarding the faux flowers...but just today made an arrangment that I can't wait to share with you all soon...it was certainly on a whim:)

  3. She's adorable!! Hope you are doing great! ♥

  4. I love your arrangements and your meet me Monday questions! We seem to have a few things in common! Thanks for linking to my linky party today! YOU ROCK!!

  5. I'm so sorry for your friend and her family. My thoughts and prayers are with you and them. Thanks for linking to Transform Tuesday. Your flowers are beautiful.

  6. The mini teapots are such a cute collection and one I haven't seen in blogland before :).


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