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Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Monday.....and a dress reveal!

Good Morning Merry Sunshine!
 Words that make me smile, whether the sarcasm was intended or NOT:)  Goose hears those words quite frequently. They remind me of someone I love. But that is another post!  Why YES, I am planning ahead.....Thanks for noticing!

Just in case you missd yesterday's post, There's a Giveaway Goin' ON here!   

I can't take pics of myself for Nothin!

If you look REAL HARD in the copper scarf you MIGHT be able to see the copper filament thread glistening like a sunbeam... PRETEND YOU SEE IT!!!  The buttons are vintage, as are the silk scarfs  I used at the neckline.  The material was gifted to me as was the pattern.   

The pattern for this  was a SIMPLICITY 7149 ---It's SO EASY. And, it Actually WAS.  That  almost never happens to me!  There are only 4 pieces to the pattern, unless you add the pockets. Which I  did not.  It would have been a super quick job, had I not been attempting to sing the  "Serging Sorrows" blues.  By the time I get that thing figured out my Friend  will want it back! Hmmmmm, maybe IF I refuse to show her how to use it she'll let it stay:) Just sayin.....

While the pattern is kinda summery?? I think it would be super easy to layer this piece. Either with a cute little shrug or light sweater OVER it, OR with a turtleneck UNDER it. And YES, I am aware that I'm Floridian and that fall weather wont actually be here until JANUARY!  Which is actually a benefit for this piece. I get to wear it YEAR ROUND.  whoops shoulda whispered that part.  I don't want any BFF's thinkin they can come raid my closet now!

As I mentioned yesterday I am including a verse from my daily Proverbs reading. Today it was a little tough to choose!

Prov. 23:12
Apply your heart to instruction and your ears to words of knowledge.

This application applies not only to our spiritual life and our relationship with El Elyon---God Most High, but also to our physical life and physical things. 
 Questions I ask Myself:

Am I teachable, ready to listen and absorb??
Am I acting on emotion or on knowledge??
Does this agree with instruction/teachings from the Bible??

Too many times I have wanted to do it my way, instead of searching out the truth of God's Word. Heartache and grief was the usual outcome.  Fortunately, my Father's love and forgiveness are always open and waiting for me:)

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Happy Monday Neighbors


  1. Hi Denise,

    Thanks so much for dropping by. I can't imagine trying to take a photo of myself. The one time I tried, in the bathroom mirror, did not work very well at all. :o)

    Love the copper roses! Wow!

  2. Hello Denise~
    You are so incredibly gifted! THANK YOU for sharing your work with us. And congratulations on 50 posts! Job well done, dear sister!
    Blessings to you~
    Cindy :)

  3. What a nice dress, the fabric is perfect for this time of year (I'm in the Tampa area). The detail you added really gives it a custom look - well done!


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