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Saturday, August 28, 2010

SALEN....Whoot whoot :)

SUHWEET SucCess!!  I {{{luVV}}} thriftin!


a great WRAP dress

WITH tags:)


More Jeans

Baby Phat EX Slinky with "Snakeskin" lace up straps:)

You can check out more of my thriftin finds HERE

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OH yea.....I almost forgot, a Mr. Coffee coffe maker....
And that wasn't even ALL of the "Loot"!  For the most part, the Clothing was all .50 apiece(except for the scrubs) and the Coffe maker came in at a WHOPPIN $3.00! Which is a little more than the last 2 makers I've scored. On a good note, I managed to get him down from $5.00. FYI, It doesn't matter if I go out and buy one of the expensive NEW ones....CUZ the just don't last. True confessions of a Coffee ADDICT!! This is my 3rd coffee pot in 3 years. I've spent $5.00 total on them:)  

My Proverbs "verse of the day" 
Prov. 28:14
Blessed is the man who always fears the Lord, but he who hardens his heart falls into trouble.

To "fear God" is to obey and honor Him. When I determine my own course, when I fail to heed His Word, AND/OR the gentle tugging on my heart by the Spirit, I am hardening my heart.  My past is full of that AND the consequences! I can only pray that my future will include a gentle, malleable, teachable heart.
Happy Saturday


  1. Cool!!~ I am a coffee lover too. I invested in the Keurig machine...YUMMO coffee....great clothes too. You scored AGAIN!!~ Thanks for joining in. Debbie

  2. Sweet! What good finds. I can't believe you've had 3 coffee makers and only spend $5! Awesome. Good work!


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