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Thursday, August 26, 2010

shades of grey.......AND a reminder:)

Shades of grey might well describe my MOOD or, in these parts, THE WEATHER!  Sunny Florida hasn't been so sunny lately.  :(   While it has cooled us off just a tad, it's still pretty hot.  However, I'm NOT talkin about any of that( My mood is pretty good....Thanks for asking:).

May I present  SHADES OF GREY..........

EASY PEASY!!! The whole project was $2.00 and it helps tie in this project from HERE .  The two pen  and ink drawings were already up. My Grampa did them when HE was in school.  Mom has had them there for years and when I moved in I just left them there. Above the window has just been a blank space, until now! 

The whole projects consists of :
  • BOOK
  • BLACK SPRAYPAINT(my $2.00 purchase)
  • TAPE                          
The most time consuming thing was dealing with the book. Ripping the pages out was a little difficult. Gluing them all on took a FEW minutes!  The first thing I did was spraypaint the big piece of cardboard. After dry time I glued the gift wrap onto the black board and added the book papers. I alternated the direction of them as I was glueing to(hopefully) make it fuller. Then I added the black metallic twist and bow. The two smaller pieces, on the sides, were simply taped onto the cardboard. The ribbon loops were also taped on. QUICK and SIMPLE .  I guess you might say it's a combination of the paper wreaths floating about and the giftwrap art. MY twist on it , anyways:)

There IS a giveaway goin on!!!!  You can ENTER HERE !!  There is still time to enter:)          

And, The selected vers from my daily reading is

Proverbs 26:20
"Without wood a fire goes out, without gossip a quarrel dies down."

How easy it is to get into the "juicy details".  Questions I ask myself:
Did someone confide to me in confidence????
Am I wounding someone with my words???
Who am I helping by what I have to say?

Getting caught up in "discussing" someone else's life can be OH so tempting.  Especially, when you are LONGING for ADULT conversation.  When I'm feeling DOWN about myself.  Even feeling slighted by someone. But, REALLY,  God's word gives us plenty of direction about this!
John 12:34
James 1:19
1Thess 4:11,12 
Happy Thursday Neighbors:)


  1. It always feels so good to complete a project huh. Thank you for linking this up to my link party. Happy Friday to you.

  2. That looks awesome! Turned out great :-)


Have fun, but, please mind your manners:)